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What We Do


Quality of Care

Because our doctors are present full time in your facility, servicing the NH is their primary interest. This allows them to spend as much time with patients and their families as needed. Additionally, our team is proactive in day-to-day activities and meetings at your facility, enabling them to stay in communication and provide the best care possible. Patients coming from hospitals are especially used to receiving these services.

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Lower NH Expenses

Working with our team can dramatically lower expenses for your facility, we work hard to save you money. For example, when new patients are admitted, their medication lists are carefully reviewed and modified as appropriate by replacing brand name medications with their equivalent, high-quality generics, resulting in an immediate cost savings.

Stethoscope on the Cardiogram

Reduce Hospital Stays

Keeping patients safe and comfortable in your facility, and out of hospitals, is a high priority for our team. We diligently work to reduce hospital stays by providing the highest quality care possible and constantly following up with patients to make sure that their needs are being addressed.

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Increase Revenue

Did you know that adding Rite Med Group’s professional staff to your facility can help increase your revenue? In addition to our expertise in NH workflow and working in harmony with your admins and staff, our doctors are also trained to meet Medicaid and Medicare reporting guidelines, allowing your facility to obtain the maximum reimbursement available.

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